Which timer can I use ?

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If you want to use a timer in your program it could be good to know which one is already used to avoid any conflict.

Generally speaking, if your Pinguino chip has more than 4 timers try to use Timer 4 and above and you will get no issue.

If your chip only have 4 timers then check this list to know which library use which timer :


  • millis library uses Timer0
  • servos library uses Timer1
  • pwm library uses Timer2
  • stepper library uses Timer3
  • dcf77 library uses Timer3


  • millis library uses Timer1
  • servos library uses Timer2
  • pwm library uses Timer3
  • stepper library uses Timer4
  • dcf77 library uses Timer1 (likely to change to Timer5 in a near future)

last update : 03-02-2015