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Buen día.

Me gustaria saber como haces para crear la traducción de los articulos, muchas gracias por su atencion y espero pronto su respuesta.

Good day.

I wonder how do para create the translation of the items , thank you very much for your attention and look forward to your reply soon

Good evening,

I am both new to Pinguino and media-wiki. I had quite some difficulties getting my Pinguino to work, due to various reasons on different platforms. There seems to be need of more documentation, so I thought I will add / correct whatever comes across on my Pinguino-Journey.

muchas gracias por Pinguino proyecto y la bienvenida.

You can look at the Wiki home page which has English • Deutsch • Español • Français • 日本語 to see how different language pages can be added. I think this is what you were asking?

Yes, the Wiki needs more Pinguino users to help document the project. The job is large, but the workers are few :( Thanks for your contributions.

-- trev (talk) 01:24, 3 June 2015 (CEST) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If that's exactly what I want. But with the other sections of the wiki, I would like to add support in Spanish, I'm from Colombia and I'm trying to push this programming, for it to do some work and documentation.

I have great ideas, not if you possible trev make a little guide a PDF of how to translate the texts as in my case I tried to translate but no template language in Spanish is created, no matter if it's in English or maybe video, eesto would serve to know as more users contribute to the wiki.

thanks for answering I am grateful greetings ...