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Overview of Board

The board was designed to work in a dual way with PIC18F2550 or PIC18F4550 chips and tries to respect the standards of the Arduino shield. It is an 8 bit PIC board tested on version 2 bootloaders and offers the same features as these with the exception of the distribution and the way of access to the pins, the use of 20MHz cystal is recommended, as shown in the schematics of the generic PIC Pinguinos.

Its power system is dual, can be powered by USB or externally, there is a jumper required to manage the power.


NOTE: The original version of the site is no longer available on the internet but there is a branch of it in the github repository (see below) - version 1.10 (D016) has modifications for compatibility with chipKIT ™ Uno32 standard.

Part List

General list of parts, for additional information consult the schematic

  • 1 PIC (18F2550 or 18F4550)
  • 1 Crystal 20MHz
  • 1 Diode 1N4007
  • 1 USB type B female
  • 2 LM340MP-05
  • 3 Electrolytic capacitor 100uF
  • 1 Electrolytic capacitor 10uF
  • 1 Ceramic capacitor 220nF
  • 1 Ceramic capacitor 100nF
  • 2 Ceramic capacitor 22pF
  • 2 Diodes Led 3mm
  • 2 Resistors 470 ohm
  • 1 Resistor 10K ohm
  • 1 Micro Switch open button type
  • 1 Barrel connector 2.1mm
  • 1 28 pin narrow PIC IC socket
  • 1 40 pin wide PIC IC socket
  • 1 Jumper
  • Male and female headers sufficient for both the required jumpers and pin headers

NOTE: there is an instructable (see below) with more information on the mounting of the board.




For more details consult the instructable at the following address: