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= Add Your Project Here! =
= Add Your Project Here! =
* [http://wiki.pinguino.cc/images/e/eb/Tutorial_Project_en.pdf Tutorial on how to add new projects]
* [http://wiki.pinguino.cc/images/e/eb/Tutorial_Project.pdf Tutorial on how to add new projects]
== Your Projects ==
== Your Projects ==

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The aim of this page is to collect together in one place a comprehensive list of Pinguino Users' Projects so that Pinguino Users can share their Pinguino projects with other Pinguino Users. For example, other Pinguino Users can get ideas, check out the interesting hardware and software used and, perhaps, even improve on the original project.

To be really useful, it would be very helpful if a project owner could provide hardware details (a schematic if available, Gerbers if you had PCBs made etc), parts list etc and the source code used. Seeing the hardware and software of practical projects can help new Pinguino Users learn to create their own projects.

Add Your Project Here!

Your Projects