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Here is a list of functions defined in tools/share/sdcc/include/pic16; they may or may not work.


extern char  iscntrl   (unsigned char )  ;
extern char  isdigit   (unsigned char )  ;
extern char  isgraph   (unsigned char )  ;
extern char  islower   (unsigned char )  ;
extern char  isupper   (unsigned char )  ;
extern char  isprint   (unsigned char )  ;
extern char  ispunct   (unsigned char )  ;
extern char  isspace   (unsigned char )  ;
extern char  isxdigit  (unsigned char )  ;


sin, cos, tan, abs, pow and sqrt are already available.

/* Trigonometric functions */
float cotf(const float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;
float asinf(const float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;
float acosf(const float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;
float atanf(const float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;
float atan2f(const float x, const float y);

/* Hyperbolic functions */
float sinhf(const float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;
float coshf(const float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;
float tanhf(const float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;

/* Exponential, logarithmic and power functions */
float expf(const float x);
float logf(const float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;
float log10f(const float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;

/* Nearest integer, absolute value, and remainder functions */
float frexpf(const float x, int *pw2);
float ldexpf(const float x, const int pw2);
float ceilf(float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;
float floorf(float x) _MATH_REENTRANT;
float modff(float x, float * y);


/* convert a ASCII string to float */
float atof (char *);

/* convert a ASCII string to integer */
int atoi (char *);

/* convert a ASCII string to long */
long atol (char *);

/* convert an unsigned/signed integer to ASCII string */
void uitoa(unsigned int, __data char *, unsigned char);
void itoa(int, __data char*, unsigned char);

/* convert an unsigned/signed long integer to ASCII string */
void ultoa(unsigned long, __data char *, unsigned char);
void ltoa(long, __data char*, unsigned char);

/* helper functions: convert a float to ASCII string */
extern char x_ftoa(float, __data char *, unsigned char, unsigned char);

/* George M. Gallant's version of ftoa() */
extern void g_ftoa(__data char *, float, char);


char *strcat (char *, char *);
char *strchr (char *, char);
int   strcmp (char *, char *);
char *strcpy (char *, char *);
int   strcspn(char *, char *);
int   strlen (char *);
char *strlwr (char *);
char *strncat(char *, char *, size_t );
int   strncmp(char *, char *, size_t );
char *strncpy(char *, char *, size_t );
char *strpbrk(char *, char *);
char *strrchr(char *, char);
int   strspn (char *, char *);
char *strstr (char *, char *);
char *strtok (char *, char *);
char *strupr (char *);

void *memccpy(void *, void *, char, size_t);
void *memchr(void *, char, size_t);
int   memcmp (void *, void *, size_t);
void *memcpy (void *, void *, size_t);
void *memmove (void *, void *, size_t);
void *memrchr(void *, char, size_t);
void *memset (_STRING_SPEC void *, unsigned char, size_t );