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The following data is obsolete.

  • Counters
    • void setCounter(counter,value,interrupt,param...); interrupt=does it generate an interrupt; param...=set prescaler & co
    • unsigned int getCounter(counter);
  • Servo-motors and sensors
    • unsigned int servoPulse(pin,duration); Send a positive pulse on the pin; return time (ms) needed to complete 20ms (for(i=0;i<100;i++) { p=servoPulse(0,150); delay(p);})
    • unsigned int pulseIn(pin,HIGH/LOW,timeout);
    • debounce ?
  • Data EEPROM
    • void eeWrite(unsigned int index, char value);
    • char eeRead(unsigned int index);
  • I/O
    • DDRx - Port x Data Direction Register
    • PORTx - Port x Data Register
    • PINx - Port x Input Pins Register