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Looking for a new challenge ? Join the Pinguino team !

GUI (Python)

[Yeison Cardona]

- Windows : any volunteer ???

- Mac OS X : any volunteer ???

- Linux : [Yeison Cardona]

- Locale : [Alexis Sanchez]

COMPILERS (Cross-compilation)

- Linux : [Régis Blanchot]

- Windows : [Régis Blanchot]

- Mac OS X : any volunteer ???


- Linux (Debian Package) : [Régis Blanchot]

- Windows (NSIS Installer) : Régis Blanchot]

- Mac OS X : any volunteer ???


[Régis Blanchot]

[André Gentric]


[Régis Blanchot]

[André Gentric]


[Régis Blanchot]

Documentation (Wiki)

This Wiki is intended to be the best documentation for everything related to the Pinguino software (IDE, compilers etc) and hardware (boards, schematics etc). That is easy to write :-)

More difficult is encouraging Pinguino users to take the time to contribute to the Wiki to add new information (eg interfacing Pinguino to the xyz widget) and to update and/or correct existing information. Even more difficult again is finding Pinguino users to translate the English language Wiki pages into their own language -- today there are only a few pages in French and/or German and/or Spanish and/or Japanese and many of the few are almost certainly out of date.

Feel FREE to add yourself to the Wiki Team and indicate where possible the area(s) where you can help. All help, however big or small, is needed and is very much appreciated.


  • WikiSysop
  • Régis Blanchot
    • Pinguino 32MX270 board
    • Pinguino 32MX250 board
    • Pinguino 32MX220 board
    • Pinguino 47j53 board
    • Pinguino 45k50 board
    • Pinguino 26j50 board
    • Roadmap
  • pinguPlus
    • Pinguino 32 DIY board
  • Peter Kovacs
    • Hungarian translation (IDE and Wiki)
    • Wiki documentation (English and Hungarian)
  • Alegoric
    • Pinguino mm8 dual
  • Pinguino
    • Returned as a casual volunteer :-)
    • News, What was News
    • Wiki consistency (page categories, organisation, proofreading)
  • Add your name here :-)
    • Add your areas here...