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DS18B20 is a Pinguino Library for communicating with DS18B20 1-wire digital thermometers.


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Compatible Boards/Compatibility

All Pinguinos

DS18B20 Digital Thermometer

How to Use/Include

The DS18B20 Library can be used in one of two ways :-

  • with a single DS18B20 device on a 1-wire bus
  • with multiple DS18B20 devices on the 1-wire bus

One digital input/output is needed for each 1-wire bus.

If the DS18B20 Library is used with only a single DS18B20 device on a one-wire bus, then it is not necessary to know or find the unique address of the particular device. Multiple DS18B20 devices can be still be connected to a single Pinguino by each device having it's own 1-wire bus. If there is only a single DS28B20 device on a 1-wire bus then the temperature can be measured by using only the function.

If there are multiple DS18B20 devices on the 1-wire bus then the DS18B20.find function should be used to determine their unique addresses/serial numbers prior to using the function to individually measure their temperatures.


Known Bugs/Limitations

The current implementation (up to and including X.2/Trunk r290) supports either multiple devices on a single 1-wire bus or single devices on multiple 1-wire buses.

The current implementation does not support multiple devices on multiple 1-wire buses as only a single table (array) is used to store the addresses of the devices on the 1-wire bus.

Other Comments/Suggestions

Manufacturer's product page: DS18B20

Datasheet: DS18B20 Datasheet

Corrections, suggestions, and new documentation can be made directly on this Wiki

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