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New Pinguino 45K50 ! The Pinguino 45K50 is now available as a Kit in the Pinguino Shop.

This new Pinguino is based on the PIC18F45K50 which is pin to pin comparable with the older 4550 serie, and... Posted on 03/07/2014 by admin. 0 comments.

New library : I2C 18 bits of resolution A/D converter #Pinguino can now drive the Microchip MCP342x family. A two channel low-noise, high accuracy delta-sigma A/D converter with differential inputs and up to 18 bits of resolution. The on-board... Posted on 27/03/2014 by admin. 0 comments.

New library : I2C 16-bit I/O expander #Pinguino can now drive Microchip MCP23O17 / MCP23S17 16-bit input/output port expanders with i2c interface, interrupt output and cascadable for up to 8 devices on one bus. Posted on 27/03/2014 by admin. 0 comments.


Multi-target Hardware

Pinguino is an Arduino-like electronics prototyping platform. It supports different 8- and 32-bit ©Microchip microcontrollers, all with built-in USB module (no FTDI chip !).

Pinguino comes with a USB Bootloader. This small program running inside the microcontroller is responsible for transferring your application from your PC to the microcontroller memory and handing over the control to this program afterwards.

No programmer is needed(*), the microcontroller can be reprogrammed over USB with a PC.

(*) except the first time for DIYers; commercial boards always provide microcontroller flashed with bootloader.


Multi-level Software

Pinguino boards can be used of different ways depending on your skills :

Pinguino is an Integrated Development Environement (IDE) which gives everyone the ability to write, compile and upload programs on a Pinguino board.

Pinguino's Language is an Arduino-like or Arduino-influenced rather than Arduino-compatible Language. Users can use the same keywords but can not include Arduino's libraries in their code. Adapted libraries are listed here.

It makes you write easily your application without spending hours learning pragma, configuration bits or command line compiler.


Multi-platform Software

Pinguino's IDE, libraries and compilers are all available for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.


Open Source Hardware

Pinguino is Free Open Source software released under the terms of the GNU GPLv2 (General Public License version 2). Pinguino Boards are Open Hardware.


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